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Stardict, Lingea
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Decoder for Lingea Dictionary (.trd) binary format

Converts into Stardict, MobiPocket (Nokia Symbian cellphones, devices like Psion, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm) and weDict (Apple iPhone)

Use the script only on legally bought dictionaries!

To use this software you must be legal owner of the license for the dictionary!
Unless you are: buy the dictionary!
Read the license! It probably limits the usage to one computer and one user! Produced dictionary has the same copyright as original. You are not owner of the data - you have to follow the license!

You are not allowed to distribute the produced dictionaries. Script is only for personal use. No warranty. GNU GPL License.

Created for devices/platforms not supported by Lingea, like PowerPC Linux, Psion 5MX, Apple iPhone, Nokia cellphones with Symbian, ...

The decoding follows Nomad's specification, my work was done just by guessing and reverse engineering of .trd file, NOT BY CRACKING LINGEA BINARIES. This software was NOT written by Lingea s.r.o. and there is no connection to that company.

Copyright © 2007 Klokan Petr Přidal.